Blonde Life make over time!

There is no better place than Los Angeles – the birthplace of JOICO – to Live The Blonde Life! We invited a group of lovely ladies from all over Europe to join us on an exclusive trip to the City of Angels to experience the bright magic that is Blonde Life. In Mare Salon, the exclusive salon of JOICO Celebrity Colorist Denis de Souza, the ladies – our blonde squad –  were treated to new looks by Denis and his dream team.

Read on to see the beautiful blonde squad transformations + find out how you can also obtain these beautiful looks with the help of the below color formulas and your hairdresser!

The magic behind Swedish Kicki’s new look: Blonde Life Lightening Powder and 5Vol. Curious to see how Kicki’s bright new look is holding up? Follow her on her blog and Instagram page to stay in the loop!

Elina from Germany also went for an exciting new blonde look: HLN plus 30Vol for highlights and Blonde Life Lightening Powder plus 20Vol for the tips. Elina has shared a lot about her make over experience on her online channels. Click on to see how she feels about her new look!  blog and Instagram page

Jennifer from the UK loves her new look. The formula that was used: Blonde Life Lightening Powder and 10Vol. Check out Jen’s online channels for a sneak peak into the blonde life of this London lady: blog, Instagram and Twitter.

The secret behind German Kim’s new look: Blonde Life Lightening Powder and 20Vol. Do you want to know how Kim likes her new life as a platinum blonde? Follow her on her blog and Instagram page!

Sweet Tiany represented Belgium in our Blonde Brigade. The hairdresser magic behind her new look: HLN plus 30Vol for highlights and Blonde Life Lightening Powder plus 20Vol for the tips. Get to Tiany a bit better by checking out her website and don’t forget to also look at her Instagram page for beautiful photos from Los Angeles.

Cathrine from Norway went for the following bright blonde update: Lowlighting: LumiShine® 7N and little 8NG+6NG to make a 7. Hairline: Blonde Life Lightening Powder and 20Vol. Clear Gloss all over at the ends. Cathrine has posted frequent updates from her time in the City of Angeles. Check them out on her website and  Instagram page.

Last but not least there is Danielle from the UK. She came to Los Angeles to #livetheblondelife but fell in love with Stylist Choice Award winning colorline LumiShine® instead. The hairdresser magic behind her new red look: Roots: ½ 6N LumiShine® and ½ 6NG. Lowlighting with LumiShine® 6NC and 8NC. Glossed with ½ Clear and 6NC. Do you want to see more of Danielle’s life as a glossy redhead? You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Are you inspired by what you see? Your hairdresser will no doubt be able to help you obtain a beautiful blonde as well, especially with the help and inspiration of the color formulas above. Don’t forget to share your new blonde look with your fellow blonde brigade members on #livetheblondelife.

Photography: Dirk Alexander

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