Lots of blonde facts

There are uncountable styles of blonde…and many many terms to describe the techniques to create them. To help you we’ve created an overview of the most popular blonding terms and have collected some tips for you as well.


The Ombré is a very popular look which is defined by hair that is dark at the root, and blends into a lighter and lighter shade as it gets to the ends. To create this dark-to-light dip-dyed look, a stylist will use the balayage technique. JOICO celebrity colorist Denis de Souza will show you how to create an Ombré in this video.


Sombré is similar to the Ombré look but then more soft and subtle. It blends higher up to achieve a more natural look. However, the ends remain light, with only subtle hints of darkness going through.


This is a super popular technique (pronounced bah-lee-AHZGE) that a hairdresser uses to highlight hair. It can be used to achieve many different looks. With balayage, the coloring product is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect from end to root. It is all about creating beautiful blends of multi-dimensional color. While balayage sounds simple, the effortlessness of the look depends on the skill of the stylist. Expert Colorist Denis de Souza shows you how it’s done here.


Babylights are micro-highlights. With this method, hair is divided into very small sections — only a couple of strands each — to achieve a natural look that’s meant to imitate the gorgeous, natural highlights that children have. The hair will look like it’s kissed by the sun! Babylights can be applied to any hair color or hair length.


As the name of this look implies: it’s the perfect blend of blonde and brunette colored hair. With the darker tones of brunette combined with lighter blonde hues, bronde is perfect for those who can’t commit between the two shades. And why have one when you can have both!


Highlights produce a more subtle result than would be achieved by completely coloring hair by or adding streaks to it. They give hair a natural, albeit lighter, look. People might never guess that the hair is colored – they’ll just notice it looks really good! On straight hair this technique gives the illusion of more volume, on curly hair is will add depth.

Cool vs. warm shades

The most important decision when choosing for blonde? Whether to go for a cool or a wam tone. Which one suits you best depends on on the shade of your skin. Warm blondes go well with warm skin tones; underlying gold, peaches, and yellow tones. Cool blondes go well with cool skin tones; underlying pinks, blues and red tones. Colorists can help you with this during the consultation before the color service starts.

Bold on blond

Being a blonde is FUN! But…every now and then adding a little more color to your look can be FUN too. Blonde is the perfect base for using InstaTint, the temporary color spray from JOICO. With this spray you add bright and bold color for a fun day/night at a festival or party. Check out this page for more information about these sprays.

(Un)healthy hair?

You need a perfect canvas for a perfect color result. Hair color will last longer and look more beautiful if the colort is applied on healthy hair. The professional K-Pak Hair Repair System will rescue even the most desperate of unhealthy hair situations. What to see this hair magic in action, we’ve got a video!
Hairdressers can offer this system as part of their salon service.

Keeping the blond

People with colored blond locks will know about the blonde battles that they have to fight daily. The challenges that they face are brassiness, off-tones, fading and damage. With the right haircare products these problems can become history -life as a blonde will be bright and fun again. Blonde Life products to the rescue! Read more about them here.

Golden advice

Show your hairdresser pictures of the look that you would like your own color job to be inspired on. This prevents confusion and ensures that you’ll be happy with your new blonde look! Instagram and Pinterest are great sources for inspiration! Click here for a look at unlimited inspiration on our Pinterest page.

Hairdresser knows best

A beautiful blonde look is not always easy to achieve and as with a good outfit it’s all about finding the look that suits you and enhances your natural beauty. Your hairdresser can help you create blonde perfection. He or she can consult you on which shade suits you best – for example are you a platinum blonde babe or are you more of a golden girl?

  • Blonde fact: Blondes tend to have more hair! Natural blondes have finer hair so they have the capacity to have more hairs on their head.

  • Blonde fact: Many kids born with light hair go dark before their 10th birthday, thanks to rising levels of eumelanin which is a natural pigment.

  • Blonde fact: One in three women dye their locks light enough to be considered blonde.

  • Blonde fact: Only 2 percent of people in the world are natural blondes.

  • Blonde fact: In some countries estimates assume that 50% of daily salon work is dedicated to blonde!


Meet ‘King of Hollywood Color’ Denis de Souza!

Hollywood-based celebrity colorist Denis de Souza it the ambassodor for the Blonde Life color product. Denis is known as the ‘King of Color’ in celebrity circles!

He rose to fame as the innovator of the ultra-natural effortlessly exotic, sun-strewn look, for which he drew his inspiration from the Southern California sunshine. Rachel Bilson was his first celebrity client and it was with her that he created his signature look which became recognized worldwide as sombré. His career went from zero to 100 overnight after she left the salon, and over 30 paparazzi took photos of her! Denis has since then colored many other famous ladies such as Rumer Willis, Madonna, Kate Mara and Mila Kunis. He finds inspiration everywhere he goes: models, actors, movies, fashion, Instagram. But he says that in order to create a trend you have to really feel what would look absolutely best on your client’s hair. Trends are to be set and not followed. What looks great on someone you see, a lot of times would look not good on you, that’s why it’s best to always go with what enhances someone’s natural beauty.

Are you a hairdresser? Do you want to improve your blonding skills so that you can call yourself an absolute blonde expert? We’ve got just the JOICO education training session for you! In the Delicious Blonde training you will see live demonstrations of the fundamental rules for beautiful blondes and you will learn the most popular blonding techniques! Click here for more information.

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